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060 June 2014


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Una mirada ilustrada: los puertos españoles de Mariano Sánchez (an enlightened gaze: Spanish ports by Mariano Sánchez). New book
In the final fourth of the eighteenth century, Mariano Sánchez journeyed around Spain to portray its main ports. The outcome of this royal commission was an exceptional series of paintings of some of Spain’s major arsenals and ports, as well as of other civil works such as bridges and towers. 

Fundación Juanelo Turriano assembled a sizeable team of historians, engineers and architects to produce this book, a first-time compendium and analysis of the scenes painted by Mariano Sánchez. The paintings are the point of departure for a tour of Spanish ports during the Enlightenment, a significant period in the country’s history, when plans for reform were drawn up for many in the belief that the sea would be the source of a more prosperous future.

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Fundación Juanelo Turriano Library. New acquisitions
Discursos leídos ante la Real Academia Española en la recepción pública de Don Leonardo Torres y Quevedo el día 31 de octubre de 1920 (lectures read at the Spanish Royal Academy on the occasion of Leonardo Torres y Quevedo’s public welcoming ceremony on 31 October 1920).

Exposición elevada al Congreso de Sres. Diputados por la Real Compañía de Canalización del Ebro (exhibition raised to Congress by the Real Compañía de Canalización del Ebro). Madrid 1864.

La nueva arquitectura alemana = Neue Deutsche Baukunst (new German architecture = neue deutsche Baukunst). Berlin 1941. 

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12th SEHCYT (Spanish society of history of science and technology) Congress. Second circular
12th SEHCYT (Spanish society of history of science and technology) Congress. Second circular

The second circular on the 12th SEHCYT congress contains further information on the 18 monographic and theme sessions programmed, as well as on Scientific Committee membership, the list of sponsoring institutions and  deadlines.

The session programmes are provisional. A final general programme will be released in early July.

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