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072 January 2015


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Una mirada ilustrada (An enlightened gaze). Presentation

The book entitled Una mirada ilustrada. Las vistas de puertos de Mariano Sánchez [An enlightened gaze, Spanish ports by Mariano Sánchez] was presented on 26 January at the Prado National Museum Auditorium. The speakers at the event, which drew a large audience, included Prado Museum Director Miguel  Zugaza Miranda, Fundación Juanelo Turriano President Victoriano Muñoz Cava and Foundation Director Bernardo Revuelta Pol. Their introductions were followed by a summary of Mariano Sánchez’s biography, oeuvre and times by Pedro Navascués Palacio, member of the San Fernando Fine Arts Academy and Foundation trustee. 

Fundación Juanelo Turriano. Twitter account
With a view to accessing a larger number of users and interacting with them more dynamically, Fundación Juanelo Turriano has added a Twitter account to its communication platform. You can follow us on: @FJTurriano
Fundación Juanelo Turriano Digital Library. Additions to the collection
Fundación Juanelo Turriano has added six new titles to its Digital Library, which may be viewed on line or downloaded in PDF format. We wish to thank the authors for granting us permission to publish these works:

El agua y Aragón [Water and Aragón] Carlos Blázquez Herrero (1995)

Maestros del agua [The water masters] Carlos Blázquez Herrero, Severino Pallaruelo Campo (1999)

La huella del agua [Traces of water] Carlos Blázquez Herrero (2003)

Zaragoza: dos milenios de agua [Zaragoza: two thousand years of water] Carlos Blázquez Herrero (2005)

El agua y la tierra: cincuenta años del canal de Bardenas [Water and land: the Bardenas Canal fifty years on] Carlos Blázquez Herrero, Javier del Valle Melendo (2009)

Agua ibérica [Iberian water] Carlos Blázquez Herrero (2009)

El manuscrito de cantería de Joseph Gelabert: titulado Vertaderas traçes del Art de picapedrer [Joseph Gelabert’s manuscript on quarrying entitled Vertaderas traçes del Art de picapedrer], edited by Enrique Rabasa Díaz (2011)

Other current events

Almería. La Plaza de Armas [Almería and its citadel]. Book presentation
Almería. La Plaza de Armas [Almería and its citadel]. Book presentation
Antonio Gil Albarracín, corresponding member of the San Fernando Fine Arts and Nuestra Señora de las Angustias Academies, will present the book entitled Almería. La Plaza de Armas: más de un milenio de fortificaciones [Almería and its citadel: over one thousand years of fortress building] at 7:00 PM on 11 February at the Asociación Española de Amigos de los Castillos (AEAC).

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