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075 February 2015


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 Opening of the exhibition Lucio del Valle (1815-1874). Ingeniería y fotografía [Lucio del Valle (1815-1874). Engineering and photography]
The exhibition entitled Lucio del Valle (1815-1874). Ingeniería y fotografía [Lucio del Valle (1815-1874). Engineering and photography], organised with the participation of Fundación Juanelo Turriano, will open on 3 March at the Ministry of Internal Development’s Arquerías Hall.
This showing forms part of Madrid’s Civil Engineering Week, 2015

Foundation trustee and civil engineer Fernando Sáenz Ridruejo will deliver a lecture on the life and work of Lucio del Valle at Arquerías Hall at 6:30 PM on Wednesday 4 March. 
Opening of the Ars Mechanicae. Travelling exhibition in Segovia
The travelling exhibition Ars Mechanicae. Ingeniería Medieval en España [Ars Mechanicae. Medieval engineering in Spain] will open at the Royal Mint Museum at Segovia on  6 March. Organised by Centre for Historic Studies on Public Works and Urban Planning (CEHOPU) in conjunction with Fundación Juanelo Turriano, the exhibition will be on display through 7 June. 

Other current events

Bicentennial of the birth of Lucio del Valle
Bicentennial of the birth of Lucio del Valle
A ceremony organised by Madrid Chapter of the Chartered Association of Civil Engineers to commemorate the second centennial of the birth of engineer Lucio del Valle was held at 11:30 AM on 2 March, with the unveiling of a plaque on the building where he lived at 3 Valverde Street, Madrid. 
Fundación Aena Awards 2015. Twentieth edition
Fundación Aena Awards 2015. Twentieth edition
Fundación Aena announces the twentieth (2015) edition of the Fundación Aena Awards. Distinctions will be awarded in the following categories:
Luis Azcárraga Prize: singular studies on air carriage.
José Ramón López Villares Prize: senior or master’s dissertation on aeronautical and aerospace engineering.
Journalism Prize: press articles on airports and air carriage.
Photography Prize: artistic photography.
The deadline for submitting works is 31 March. 

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