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131 November 2017


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Award of PhD. grants

The jury in charge of awarding the Fundación Juanelo Turriano grants for PhD. studies has announced that the beneficiary of this edition is:

Luis Moreno Martínez for the thesis entitled Ciencia, técnica y enseñanza: prácticas pedagógicas y revolución en la cultura material en las aulas en la obra de Modesto Bargalló (1894-1981) [Science, technology and education: classroom practice teaching in material culture in Modesto Bargallo’s (1894-1981) oeuvre].

 The jury declared the second grant void.

Artifex: Roman engineering, engineer Ignacio González Tascón’s dream. Closing

The exhibition Artifex: Roman engineering, engineer Ignacio González Tascón’s dream, shown at the Asturias Archaeological Museum, drew to an end on 29 October.

This travelling exhibition, a joint Fundación Juanelo Turriano and Centre for Public Works Studies and Experimentation-Centre for Historic Studies on Public Works and Urban Planning (CEDEX-CEHOPU) project, was sponsored by Fundación Caminos, Aqualia and Caja Rural de Asturia

Other current events

Water Arc, Royal Monastery of Guadalupe, listed as a cultural heritage asset
Water Arc, Royal Monastery of Guadalupe, listed as a cultural heritage asset

On 17 October the Governing Council of the Region of Extremadura issued a decree listing the Medieval water supply system known as the Royal Monastery of Guadalupe Water Arc as a cultural heritage monument.

The work, begun in the late thirteenth century and completed in the fourteenth, is still in use today.

Educa 20.20. New publication
Educa 20.20. New publication

The platform Educa 20.20’s report on employability, innovation and education in Spain is now available in our library. 

It includes a survey of over 12 000 young adults on the future of the labour market.

Mapping the unknown. Exhibition
Mapping the unknown. Exhibition
The exhibition Mapping the unknown will be open to the public free of charge from 3 November 2017 to 28 January 2018 at the Spanish National Library.

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Victory at Pernambuco. Exhibition
Victory at Pernambuco. Exhibition

A temporary exhibition entitled Victory at Pernambuco, which opened at Madrid's Naval Museum on 26 October, features a series of paintings commemorating the Spanish Armada’s victory over the Dutch at Pernambuco, Brazil in 1631.

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