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151 September 2018


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De la idea del firmamento [On the firmament] by Leonardo Turriano. Unpublished manuscript

Fundación Juanelo Turriano has acquired a previously unknown manuscript entitled De la idea del firmamento [On the firmament] by Leonardo Turriano, in which the author described the appearance of a new supernova in 1604.

L. Turriano is the subject of an earlier book published by the foundation, Leonardo Turriano ingeniero del rey [Leonardo Turriano, royal engineer], edited by Alicia Cámara Muñoz, professor of art history with the UNED and member of the foundation’s Advisory Commission.

 The manuscript is being restored for subsequent study and publication.

El 'yngenio' en palacio [Court ingenuity]. New publication

A new title in the Colección Juanelo Turriano de Historia de la Ingeniería [Juanelo Turriano Collection on the History of Engineering] is now available in our Digital Library.

El ‘yngenio’ en palacio. Arte y ciencia en la corte de los Austrias (ca. 1585-1640) [Court ingenuity: Habsburg art and science (ca. 1585-1640)], was authored by Margarita Ana Vázquez Manassero, winner of one of the second prizes in the 2017 edition of the García-Diego International Prize.

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Other current events

Eleventh International Congress on Molinology
Eleventh International Congress on Molinology

The Eleventh International Congress on Molinology will be held at Palma de Mallorca on 18 to 20 October.

Organised by the Mallorca Island Council in conjunction with the Asociación para la Conservación y el Estudio de los Molinos (ACEM), the congress will revolve around the theme Memory, architecture, engineering and future.


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