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170 October 2019


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Award of PhD. grants

At 29th October 2019 meeting held at the Fundación Juanelo Turriano headquarters, the judges committee unanimously has announced that the beneficiary of this edition is José Javier Carreño Soler for the theses entitled Estudio arqueo-antropológico de las serrerías marmóreas en el Alto Almanzora (Almería).

García-Diego International Prize. Open for candidacies

Fundación Juanelo Turriano announces the 10th edition of its García-Diego International Prize, worth 12 000 euros, for research in any of the branches of the history of technology. The prize is open to any individual or group submitting an original, unpublished paper in Spanish.

The deadline for submissions is 20 January 2020.

See rules (In Spanish) 


Visit to the Álvaro de Bazán General Navy Archives

On 18 October Fundación Juanelo Turriano trustees, Advisory Commission members and staff visited the Álvaro de Bazán General Naval Archives housed in Marqueses de Santa Cruz Palace at El Viso del Marqués in the Spanish province of Ciudad Real.

The Foundation wishes to thank the institution and all its members for their courtesies.

First Forum on Public Works as Cultural Heritage. Adjournment

The First Forum on Public Works as Cultural Heritage, held at the Chartered Institution of Civil Engineers in collaboration with the Centre for Public Works Studies and Experimentation (CEDEX) and the Association of Civil Engineers, adjourned on 22 October.

Fundación Juanelo Turriano was one of the co-sponsoring institutions.

Forum speakers included Inmaculada Aguilar, Fundación Juanelo Turriano trustee, Javier León and Isabel Bestué, members of its Advisory Commission, and Daniel Crespo Delgado, foundation researcher.

More (first day) (In Spanish)

More (second day) (In Spanish)

Article in ABC
 (In Spanish)


Other current events

Fernando Sáenz Ridruejo. Engineer laureate
Fernando Sáenz Ridruejo. Engineer laureate

The ceremony bestowing on Fernando Sáenz Ridruejo and Leonardo Fernández Troyano the status of engineers laureate will be hosted by the Royal Academy of Engineering (10 Don Pedro Street, Madrid) on 4 November next at 6:30 PM.

Fernando Sáenz Ridruejo, Fundación Juanelo Turriano trustee, will deliver the keynote address entitled Aportación de los Ingenieros de Caminos a la Difusión del Conocimiento [Civil engineers’ contribution to knowledge transfer].

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