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207 September 2022


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Decease of Pedro Navascués Palacio

Pedro Navascués Palacio, Fundación Juanelo Turriano President since 2020 and trustee since 2008, deceased on 5 September 2022.

Former Head of the Madrid School of Architecture’s Department of the History of Art and designated emeritus professor by the Technical University of Madrid, he was a fellow of the San Fernando Royal Academy of Fine Arts, where he currently chaired the Historic Monument Commission. Likewise fellow of the Hispanic Society of America and the Institute for Madrilenian Studies, he held an honorary doctorate from the University of Coimbra and was Honorary Member of the Chartered Institution of Architects of Madrid.

As author of over 200 books and articles and supervisor of hosts of PhD. dissertations on the history of architecture, he made an indelible mark on historiography and the study of the arts.

He curated any number of exhibitions, including Historic mock-ups and scale models. Engineering and construction (2017) and Fortress and the city. 29 scale models (2021-2022), both organised by Fundación Juanelo Turriano.

Tireless scholar and art and history enthusiast, stimulated by projects in which he involved all Fundación members, as President he kept the institution’s helm firmly in hand during the difficult years of the pandemic.

Pedro Navascués Palacio. In memoriam. COAM - Madrid’s Chartered Institution of Architects

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