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069 November 2014


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AR&PA Prize for Heritage Action
The winners of the 2014 edition of the AR&PA International Prize for Heritage Action, a distinction for professionals and institutions engaging in cultural heritage conservation, rehabilitation and restoration, were announced on 15 November.

The prize was awarded, ex aequo, for the restoration, enhanced visibility and management of Tarazona Cathedral and the recovery of the Peral submarine, which the jury praised for having “deployed a strategy that wisely integrates related intangible social values”.
The prize was received by Juan Ignacio Chacón, José Manuel Chacón and Diego Quevedo, members of the Technical Committee created in 2011 as an advisory body for the restoration and transport of the Peral submarine and its display as a permanent exhibit in the Naval Museum at Cartagena. Other committee members included Pablo Zárate, Jorge Madrid, Francisco Belmonte, José Antonio Martínez, Bernardo Revuelta and Javier Sanmateo.

Candidacies for the prize were submitted by twenty-four projects in Italy, Portugal and Spain.

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Other current events

Patrimonio industrial en Segovia (Industrial heritage in Segovia). New book
Patrimonio industrial en Segovia (Industrial heritage in Segovia). New book
La Real Academia de Historia y Arte de San Quirce (San Quirce Royal Academy of History and Art) has published Jorge Miguel Soler Valencia’s book entitled Patrimonio industrial en Segovia (Industrial heritage in Segovia) as part of its Segovia al Paso (Segovia in motion) series.

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