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206 July 2022


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Serving Country and State. Summer course
The summer course titled Serving Country and State: Spanish architects and engineers, from empire building to overseas provinces was held at Don Luis de Borbón Palace, Boadilla del Monte in Madrid on 18 to 22 July 2022.

The course was organised by the Technical University of Madrid’s Deputy Rectorate for Strategy and Academic Governance in conjunction with other institutions and delivered, among others, by Pedro Navascués Palacio, Fundación Juanelo Turriano President, and Bernardo Revuelta Pol, Director.
Grant for PhD. studies. Academic period 2022-2023
Fundación Juanelo Turriano reminds all concerned that the deadline for applying for its 2022-20203 grant for PhD. theses is 15 September next.


Other current events

Fifth edition of the Fundación Patrimonio Industrial de Andalucía Awards
Fifth edition of the Fundación Patrimonio Industrial de Andalucía Awards

The Fundación Patrimonio Industrial de Andalucía announces the fifth edition of its awards, covering the period 2018-2021. These awards are granted to people and organisations contributing to the dissemination and protection of Andalusia’s industrial heritage and its recovery for new uses.

The deadline for receiving candidacies is 26 September next.

More... (In Spanish)

Fifteenth edition of the Caminos Madrid Prize
Fifteenth edition of the Caminos Madrid Prize

The Madrid Chapter of the Chartered Association of Civil Engineers’ governing body announces its Caminos Madrid Prize.

The deadline for submitting candidacies is 31 October 2022.


Prize categories are set out in the rules (In Spanish)


Forty-ninth ICOHTEC Symposium
Forty-ninth ICOHTEC Symposium
The last day of this month, 31 July, is the deadline for early-bird registry for the Forty-ninth ICOHTEC Symposium, to be held online at Ostrava University on 24 and 25 September and 15 and 16 October. This year’s theme is Technology-based and technology-generated decisions.

Decease of Cristóbal Mateos Iguacel
Decease of Cristóbal Mateos Iguacel
Fernando Sáenz Ridruejo, Foundation trustee, has written  an obituary for Cristóbal Mateos Iguacel, PhD. in civil engineering and waterworks researcher, deceased on 14 May last, titled Un sabio y, como persona, aun mejor [Scholar and excellent human being].

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