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206 June 2022


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Serving Country and State. Summer course

Don Luis de Borbón Palace at Boadilla del Monte in Madrid will be the venue for the summer course Serving Country and State. Spanish architects and engineers, from empire building to overseas provinces from 18 de 22 July.

Organised by the Technical University of Madrid’s Deputy Rectorate for Strategy and Academic Governance in conjunction with other institutions, the course is geared to audiences interested in the history of architecture, engineering, science and technology.

Fundación Juanelo Turriano president Pedro Navascués Palacio, trustee Fernando Sáenz Ridruejo and director Bernardo Revuelta Pol will participate.

Programme (In Spanish)

Juanelo Turriano Secondary School. Awards ceremony

For over 10 years, at the end of every school year Fundación Juanelo Turriano awards a book grant to the Juanelo Turriano Secondary School students exhibiting the highest academic achievement.

This year’s prize ceremony was held on 13 June.  

Other current events

Juanelo and his artifice. Presentation of a new model
Juanelo and his artifice. Presentation of a new model

Ángel Moreno Santiago will present a new model of Juanelo Turriano’s artifice at the Alcázar in Toledo (Castilla-La Mancha Library Auditorium) at 12:00 on Saturday 25 June.

With a PhD. in electromechanical engineering from ICAI (Comillas Pontifical University’s School of Engineering) Ángel Moreno is, with Luis Moreno Nieto, co-author of the book Juanelo y su artificio [Juanelo and his artifice] and member of the Fundación Juanelo Turriano Advisory Commission.

The event is open to the public cost-free subject only to room capacity.

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32nd Summer course in civil engineering
32nd Summer course in civil engineering
Fundación Ingeniería y Sociedad announces its 32nd summer course on civil engineering, to be held from 15 to 17 July next. This year’s edition’s is titled Infrastructure and History of Zamora. Tribute to Agustín García Calvo.

Programme (In Spanish)
Demetrio Ribes Prize. Announcement
Demetrio Ribes Prize. Announcement

The University of Valencia’s Demetrio Ribes Chair announces the 18th edition of the Demetrio Ribes Prize, created to further, promote and disseminate research on the history of transport and public works in general and in the Valencian Region in particular.

The deadline for submitting papers is 7th September 2022.

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Medal for professional excellence
Medal for professional excellence

The Chartered Institute of Civil Engineers held its 2022 institutional awards ceremony on 13 June.

Francisco Javier León González, member of the Fundación Juanelo Turriano Advisory Commission, was honoured with the medal for professional excellence.

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